Home Movies Project



This research project's full title is "Technologies of Memory and the Cultural Dynamics of Home Movies" and proposes to address a number of questions dealing with the complex interrelationship between technology, specific user generations and spaces or places of cultural memory production in home movie making and screening (amateurfilm). It is interested in the question how changing technologies of cultural production (film, video or digital camera) have shaped new practices and rituals of memory staging (screening of the films in domestic of public venues) and thereby initiated processes of (re)negotiating user generations and group identities. Project partners are the University of Maastricht and the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen.

The programme comprises two PhD projects (AIOs) and one post doc project. The first PhD project will deal with the long term historical analysis of the changing practices of home movie making and screening from a user generation perspective. The second PhD focuses on the crucial transition from film to video in the 1970s. Next a two year post-doc position will deal with the tensions between archival desires and performative pleasures in the digital era of home movie making and its online circulation. In addition to these research activities, the main applicants envisage to publish a synthesis (edited volume), addressing a broader public interested in home movies as practices of cultura lmemory production.

This projects aims at spanning the whole period from the introduction of 8 mm for amateurs, via video to end up with digital and mobile technologies.


Beth Delaney