Preserving Moving Pictures and Sound



Abstract ; Executive Summary ; 1. Introduction ; 2. Basic Concepts and Terminology ; 3. Preservation Issues for Sound and Moving Picture Content ; 4. Moving into the File-Based World ; 5. Digital Preservation ; 6. Standards ; 7. Preservation for Access ; 8. Implications for small collections and Institutions ; 9. Current Activities and Case Studies ; 10. Conclusions and Recommended Actions ; 11. Glossary ; 12. Further Reading ; 13. References


This DPC Technology Watch Report 12-01 covers the digitization of analogue material on physical carriers such as film, audiotape and videotape (and so stored on shelves); encoding, file formats and wrappers, use of compression, obsolescence and what to do about the particular digital preservation problems of digital material on physical carriers such as CD, DVD, digital videotape and digital audio tape (also stored on shelves). How to address digital content in files, and so held on some form of mass storage, is also covered. It then moves on to describe current activity in av digital preservation including some UK based preservation and access projects. It concludes with recommended actions.


This report, an update of the PrestoPRIME D7.1.5 survey report, is of interest to anyone with responsibility for and interest in, collections of sound or moving image content. Although it focuses on professional collections in institutions, companies or other organizations, the information is relevant to personal holdings. It presents the collection diversity within the domain itself and clearly describes just what exactly is so unique about audiovisual collections that results in long-term preservation and access challenges different from other types of cultural heritage material. The glossary, further reading and references are additional valuable resources. This report is a must-read for anyone seeking a complete update on the field of moving image and sound collection digital management.

Beth Delaney