The Center for Home Movies 2010 Digitization & Access Summit Final Report



Forward ; List of Attendees ; 1. Opening Remarks and Introductions ; 2. Cataloging & Description ; 3. Legal Issues ; 4. Digitization ; 5. Users – Scholars & Academics ; 6. Users – Researchers and Commercial Users ; 7. Film Collectors and the Home Movie Market ; 8. Funding ; Appendices


This report presents the proposals and subsequent discussions from the Home Movie Digitization & Access Summit held at the Library of Congress's Packard Campus in Culpeper, Virginia in September 2010. The summit consisted of two days of presentations, discussions and screenings. The questions posed to the several dozen invited attendees were: "What would be needed (to do, have, spend, work around, etc.) in order to undertake a mass digitization project involving home movies and video from public and private collections online for free public access? Secondly, what impact would the availability of these collections have on their use and analysis?" Topics addressed include Cataloging and Description (including such topics as the development of a home movie taxonomy, metadata elements, functional requirements, crowdsourcing and tagging); Legal and ethical issues; Digitization and online access, including workflow scenarios; Serving scholarly and professional users of home movies; and the role of film collectors and the home movie market.


This report (124 pages) could be looked at as the ‘minutes’ of the summit, offering home movie/amateur film collection archivists some interesting proposals as well as the ‘brainstorming’ the proposals triggered during the two day summit. The summit did not result in an agreed to approach on all topics. On the technology side, it limits itself primarily to film collections, not tape-based or digital born collections of this type.

Beth Delaney